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Shipping from the UK to Taiwan

The distance between London’s Eye and the capital of Taiwan – Taiwan is around 4200 miles, so sending a parcel such a long distance requires:

  • Quick decision making

  • Connections

  • Logistical capabilities

If you are trusting us in this area you are making a good decision to trust a company in the area where it excels in: finding quickest and cheapest shipping solutions. We are motivated to help a sender find better and better shipping solutions for his or hers parcel(s). Whether it is organizing the quickest route determining the cheapest option, giving you an option to select shipping methods for your parcel from the UK to Taiwan is our responsibility.

Remember that according to both the UK and Taiwan laws, a person cannot import:

  • Maps or literature where Taiwan’s borders are shown in an incorrect way, according to the Taiwan Government.

  • Human skeletons

  • Beef, fat/oil of animal origin

  • Chemicals used to make heavy industrial compounds or chemical weapons

  • Exotic animals

Commercial importers need special permits from the government.

Before you ship a package from the United Kingdom to Taiwan, get familiar with the basic information provided in our website, regarding prohibited items and basic rules of shipment. CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is monitoring the imported items and thus will deny any suspicious or prohibited materials.

Regarding the UK originated parcels, postage experts suggest using a clean container, providing the right set of documentation, and choosing your packaging materials wisely. Taiwan has a very humid and hot climate so in order to prevent items from being damaged by weather, reassure yourselves by selecting only solid and quality materials. Fill in the quote to get suggestions for shipments and compare the prices between the services of various couriers and postal companies.

Upon arrival, Taiwan’s customs check the declarations and the documents. If you are sending something precious which you don’t want to be opened before the final delivery, make sure that the postage documents are accurate, and the department officers have no reason to open up the parcel. Do not send anything from the restriction or prohibition list and you can be sure that no one is going to open your packet.

Once the package gets cleared, it is easy sailing from there on. Your selected courier will continue handling your parcel on Taiwan soil. Shipping from the UK to Taiwan requires your decision on the courier and postage service provider for shipment handling. Parcelabc takes pride in giving the customer tools to decide the best way to ship his or hers packet. Choose from the options available after filling in the quote and contact our team if any questions arise.

Still not convinced that Parcelabc is the best option if you want your parcel delivered safely and easily? Take a look at our priorities:

  • uncompromised quality

  • rapid responses

  • client-oriented service

  • fair prices

all of this, with the availability of choice for the shipping companies and methods